Friday February 1st, 9pm, Interruption Show, Oakland,

Friday February 1st, 9:45pm, Comedy Oakland, Oakland

Monday February 4th, 8:30pm, Rite Spot Cafe, San Francisco

Monday February 4th, 9pm, Milk Bar, San Francisco

Wednesday February 6th, 7pm, Uptown, Oakland

Wednesday February 6th, 8:30pm, Laugh with Dignity, San Francisco

Thursday February 7th, 8pm, Comedy Oakland, Oakland

Friday February 8th, 8pm, The Battery, San Francisco, private event

Monday February 11th, 8pm, Delirium, San Francisco

Wednesday February 13th, 8pm, Punch Line, San Francisco  – ALBUM RECORDING

Thursday February 14th, 8pm, Ashkenaz, Berkeley

Friday February 15th, Best of San Francisco, San Francisco

March 7th, San Francisco, TBD

March 8th and 9th, Laugh Fest, Grand Rapids, MI

March 13th, 8pm, Laugh The Night Away, San Francisco,

March 16th, Private Event

March 21, 8pm, Laughs Unlimited, Sacramento,

March 22nd, 8pm, La Maison Oakland, Oakland, CA

March 23rd, 8pm, Mermaid Show, San Francisco, CA

March 28th, 8pm, Comedy Oakland, Oakland

April 9th, Pizza Hacker, San Francisco

April 11th, The Set-Up, San Francisco, 8pm
April 12th, The Set-Up, San Francisco, 8 and 10pm
April 13th, Murphy’s, San Francisco

April 18, 19, 20, Rooster T. Feathers, Sunnyvale, CA

April 25th, Comedy Oakland, Oakland

April 26th, La Maison Oakland, Oakland

May 2nd, TBD, San Francisco

May 3rd, Comedy Oakland, Oakland, 9:45pm

May 4th, Private Event, Don’t know where.

May 11th, Private Event, San Francisco

May 23rd, FABA Award Show, San Francisco

May 24th, Laugh Cellar, Napa

May 25th, Laugh Cellar, Santa Rosa

May 31st, La Maison Oakland, Oakland

June 1st, Private Event, Don’t know where.

June 14th, Story Telling, Berkeley

June 15th, Private Event, Palo Alto

August 1st to August 25th, Edinburgh Fringe Festival


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