Clara is an internationally-unknown stand-up comedian: one of the few humorists to be unknown in the entire world!

Clara was raised in the French Alps, she spent some time in Germany before she attended college in South Carolina; as you do when you come from France.

Clara’s humor is witty and observational and comes with a European twang.

Clara has appeared in the San Francisco International Comedy Competition, SF Sketchfest, the Charleston Comedy Festival, the Montreux Comedy Festival, the San Diego Comedy Festival… She’s performed with Richard Lewis, Dana Gould, Jake Johannsen, Patrick Timsit, Gad Elmaleh, Anne Roumanoff, Robin Williams, Tom Papa, Paul Reiser, Laurie Kilmartin, Scott Capurro & many more.

Clara’s a contributing writer to several humorous websites like her Twitter account, her Instagram account or her Medium account. She wrote for “Le Petit Silvant Illustré,” a successful French/Swiss TV comedy for several years and worked with Jack Burditt in punching up the pilot episode of his sitcom “Last Man Standing.” She wrote and directed a mockumentary reality TV comedy show about two refugees “The Refugees; a sitcom,” she created a French comedy series, “Le Shrink,” and even more recently she produced “My Review of Your Yelp Review.” She currently writes for Immersive Artistry’s interactive projects.

Clara performs regularly in French and in English.

She was once stranded for hours on a broken escalator due to a power outage.


Semifinalist in 2003 Comedy Central’s Laugh Riots Competition / 2003 NACA Central showcase / 2003 NACA Mid-America showcase / NY Underground Comedy Festival 2005 & 2006 / 2008 Detroit International Comedy Festival / 2010 Montreux Comedy festival / 2011 Montreux Comedy Festival /The Laughing Skull Comedy Festival / 2012 Geneva Arts Festival / 2012 Lausanne Estival Festival / 2012 SF Sketchfest / 2012 Charleston Comedy Festival / 2013 SF Sketchfest / Semi-finalist in the 39th Annual San Francisco Comedy Competition / 2016 SF Sketchfest / 2016 San Diego Comedy Festival / 2016 Cinder Block / 2017 SF Sketchfest / 2017 SheDevil Comedy Competition (placed 2nd) / 2018 SF Sketchfest.

Clara has also appeared at

The Throckmorton Theater / Cobbs Comedy Club / San Francisco Punchline / Best of the Fest at Wells Fargo Theater in Santa Rosa / Best of the Fest at Showcase Theater in St. Rafael / Best of the Fest at Bankhead Theater in Livermore / Best of the Fest at Arroyo Grande… Rooster T. Feathers / The Ice House /
Las Vegas Improv / The Improv NY / LA, UCBLA / UCBNY /
Ha Comedy Club / Westside Brewing Company / Westside Eclectic… Haha Café /
The Comic Strip Live / Caroline’s Comedy Club / Gotham Comedy Club / Catch a Rising Star / Stand Up New York / The Laugh Factory NY / LA / New York Comedy Club / The Stand NY…

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